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Chatlinked is a private social network or best described as a private collaborative network.

A Private Social Network is when your members can connect, collaborate, and share information within your own secure and brand managed 'social' forum. In essence, the new Social Generation solution that replaces the Intranets and Membership platforms

Many private networks have specific purposes, so there are more special-purpose organisations even though touted as private networks. Whether it be romantic, photographic, family organisational, child protection and monitoring or neighborhood watch, or even political. These organisations (dare I call them that) are good, have great purpose in mind, but we are talking about private networks, aren't we?

Chatlinked is focused on privacy, even though it can have select groups like clubs, even companies, all types of groups, and congregations; they are mostly private networks in the real sense of the word. Again it can be as simple as a group of close friends, family, or any people you like. Still, the private network we are talking about concerns the members first and foremost.

The world has changed, not for the better, particularly but is has changed. People now are more inclined to "cocoon," a term to describe people separating themselves from being with others. Covid has emphasised it's doubtful it will revert.

Who's, is this change benefiting? - Online socialising.
Chatlinked is when people can talk to each other, share photographs, videos, and have friends, acquaintances, and business associates.

Chatlinked is a private social network. Private networks are growing fashioned to fit groups, businesses, clubs, churches, or any group or business or neighbourhood. The private social network market is growing, Chatlinked is there to gain from that growth.

Public Social Networks Like FACEBOOK are declining
In the past 3 years there has been a major shift from public to PRIVATE social networks. As FB continues to control its users and private data, users are looking for alternatives to communicate and keep their data private.

This is the perfect time to launch a new GLOBAL PRIVATE SOCIAL NETWORK.

The trend is towards privacy, and that not only by the traditional private networks focusing on groups or organisations like Chatlinked but networks such as Messenger and Instagram, and WhatsApp. They facilitate private chats rather than chatting on a public network such as Facebook. The broad market is now chatting privately, but further, there is a growing need for the Chatlinked style of private networks with the benefits of Facebook. Still, where members are a certain group or have a particular subject matter, you would talk about birds, not cement mixers, in the bird watches network.

Social networks are here to stay but are trending toward more than privacy. They are selectively adding an air of sophistication, genuine human connectivity, but fun, still lots of fun.

Chatlinked customers are a selective lot. They are born on Facebook but craving more. They are looking to advance human connectivity, so social networks, the 21st-century revolution, are becoming more purposeful and directed toward positive outcomes, but without it becoming a drag. There are so many subjects, interests, people, happenings, travel, and photographs and experiences to be shared. But in a controlled network where you know what or who you are talking. It's the revolution within a revolution. Like everything, things change, things evolve, so do people who enjoy what Chatlinked is offering.

Chatlinked competitors are other private networks not the public networks like Facebook. Each of the competitors that have any traction at all are all focused on one theme. We have Everme sorts contacts , 23Snaps, Notabli like Snaps, Yammer work communication, Couple, Path share, FamilyWall organisation , Edmond teacher student chat, Photocircle. as you can see they do one thing and attract one type of crowd and most importantly the network is still controlled by a commercial company.

Chatlinked facilitates your private network and you become the administrator, you make the rules, you allow whoever you want its owned by you whether its and group of some kind or its just a general chat but with people you know. Chatlinked is different and to our mind is the essence of private collaboration..

Development Notes

ChatLinked is the core behind But we can duplicate this into any private newtork.  We are also planning to launch our Global Private Social platform called