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Help desk support is a huge industry and is growing exponentially, fast becoming an essential addition to companies marketing and retaining clients, especially in the "New Normal" environment we will have to comply with in the future.

The help desk market share projected at 11 Billion dollars by 2023 and DeskReach, being one of the most extensive and up to date services available, has the certainty of gaining market share.

The demand for Help Desk Support increases as company directors realize that the cost of poor service causes avoidable losses. In the US alone, companies are losing more than 62 billion dollars annually.

At Deskreach, we deal with clients issues the first time whenever possible. Our professionally trained operators, coupled with the automated inquiry, bots that first identify the specific problems have streamlined our response.

Deskreach is large enough to cope with multiple inquiries simultaneously but small enough and flexible enough to provide our clients with the rapid, effective responses they deserve.

We have built an EPIC masterpiece of technology that solves a massive problem to an enormous global market.

A software as a service platform is complex and needs to meet all the requirements so it can manage one of the most important aspects of our business - CUSTOMERS and their active accounts, user options and payment subscriptions. - This is where we make our revenues.

Our administration portal for is for DeskReach only (Not our clients) and has been designed after many years of trial and error. Evolution of this process has delivered us the most advanced management platform and tools.

In this section we will show a snapshot of the "Money Engine" that drives DeskReach and its customers.

Its very important to understand that DeskReach is not just a user support helpdesk! - What makes it very different from any of our mainstream competitors is that each Client subscriber of DeskReach has the opportunity to make REVENUES directly from their own clients they support.


Our intelligent data location technology means we can reproduce our databases and locate them on servers placed in several locations around the globe. This means we can point all our uses in the USA to our USA servers giving them optimum speed access and response. Our users in Australia to our AU databases. 'Complete data efficiency'.s


Our main SaaS management dashboard is designed to give us system wide data at a glance. - We can manage everything about our customers from this one portal.

Our current market subscription plans that are versatile to meet the needs of our customers.

All new FREE SUBSCRIPTIONS start automatically on a fully operational TRY-BUY plan for 7 days. This give them full access to DeskReach to evaluate their needs. After 7 days DeskReach will ask them to upgrade to a paid package plan.

We will always have a FREE LIFETIME package - it's stripped down and very limited.

There are many things that make DeskReach hit 'above the mark' in the support industry.
DeskReach provides each client with their own custom front end support website. - But this is not any ordinary 'Landing Page' like most support networks offer. This is a fully optioned WEBSITE in itself. In fact, if our clients didn't have a website before subscribing to DeskReach, they can literally use their support front end site as their main web-portal.

DeskReach is live now -

DeskReach Features

There are so many options we can't list them all here.  The following displays only a few features.

Here are a few more options DeskReach offers:

COSTUME BUTTONS: - We can create 'Custom Buttons' for each chat or support widget which takes branding your support to another level.
URL BLACK LISTING: - Essential to stop the 'Trolls' and pesky bots out their disrupting your support services.
BILLING PACKAGES:- This is where DeskReach gets interesting! - Our clients can set their own payment gateways and subscription plans for their own clients. Essentially, DeskReach is a 'business in a box'.
PAID SUBSCRIPTION REPORTING:- Fully reporting on customer subscription payments with real-time email notifications and reminders.
OPERATOR MANAGEMENT:- Our operator management is extensive and provides full reporting data of each operators activities.
CLIENT MANAGEMENT:- We provide both operators and clients full data management and history based on a secured ROLE and permissions console.
USER ROLES AND PERMISSIONS:- This is complex! - Our ROLES feature allows us to open or close every single module throughout DeskReach. This way we can create individual USER accounts based on any type of requirement.
ADVANCED USER PROFILES:- User profiles for both operators and clients are presented in a clean user interface capturing all information required.
OPERATOR WORK SCHEDULES:- Each operator has the ability to set their daily 'AVAILABLE' hours in their weekly shifts, this allows the system to automatically manage inbound support requests and BALANCE them to other current online operators and to time them to operators that are about to start a new shift. - Clever! - we think so.
OPERATOR PUSH NOTIFICATIONS:- DeskReach has its own Push notification server that ensures every action throughout the system pushed the right notification to the right person at the right time.
OPERATOR AUDIO AND SMS MESSAGING:- Operators can be setup with main stream SMS providers like "twillo" to provide real-time SMS notifications to both operators and clients and our clients customers.
OPERATOR TO OPERATOR INTERNAL CHAT:- This is essential, we have an internal operator to operator chat portal.
LIVE CHAT TRANSFER BETWEEN OPERATORS:- DeskReach can transfer a LIVE chat client from operator to operator without loosing the existing client.
DIRECT TICKET SUPPORT BETWEEN CLIENT PORTAL AND DESKREACH:- DeskReach offers a separate TICKET SUPPORT channel between DESKREACH and our client OPERATOR portals. This is how DeskReach provides support directly to our clients.
AUTO SUBSCRIPTION UPGRADE/DOWNGRADE MANAGEMENT:- Using our Stripe API's clients can easily upgrade/downgrade their current subscription plans and changes are directly updated in our third-party payment gateways.
REAL-TIME CALENDAR SCHEDULES:- All system action-events like Chat conversations, Tickets, Contact history and subscriptions are all logged and entered into the operators dashboard calendar for easy tracking and recall.
FULL VIDEO ONBOARDING:- DeskReach is easy to use. But it is a MEGA SYSTEM that required attention and some time to setup, customize and fly. We have created a series of on-boarding videos that cover every aspect of DeskReach and step by step guides to make on-boarding a breeze.

DeskReach is a 'Business in a Box'

$11 Billion Market

The help desk support service is growing and estimated to be worth 11 Billion dollars by 2023. Therefore with the event of changes occurring in the service industry, there is an opportunity for innovative and flexible new companies, aware of the frustrations caused by weak or slow responses. Clients now expect fast answers that solve their inquiry the first time.

Help desk support is becoming almost mandatory for any company wanting to conduct serious long term business; therefore, there is plenty of opportunities to raise the bar and to explore and expand help desk norms to another level. The newcomers not tied or hampered by outdated methods will benefit the most by being able to adjust swiftly to the demands of the future.

The Help desk industry is open for innovation and modernization and fresh ways to serve clients' needs.

Taking care of customers goes a long way. This is why it comes as no surprise that the help desk software market size has grown exponentially since the technology was introduced. What's more, is investing in customer support now seems to have a bigger and more direct impact on your bottom line than ever before.

~ The help desk software market share is projected to reach $11 billion by 2023.
~ By 2020, the key brand differentiator will no longer be competitive pricing and product quality but overall customer experience.
~ 68% of shoppers are willing to spend more to get better customer service.
~ 52% of brands report that technology helps them deliver better customer support operations.
~ Leveraging help desk software big data can save up to 670 working hours per year, reduce the number of phone calls by 10%, and allow 25% of your help desk resources to be available for attention-demanding incident resolution.
~ The communication channels that customers are more likely to use are voice calls (82%), email (62%), live chat (43%), social media (25%), and SMS (22%).


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