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Formal known as BlaqTrax - TracBytes is a sophisticated employee tracking system that scrapes employees or remote workers computer screens and aggregates the data back to an Employers work console giving the employer a bird's eye view of exactly what his Employee/Remote workers are doing while they are getting paid. - We have always loved this market space, and we will bring TrackBytes to the public shortly.

We tested every application in the market place and found they all failed in one way or another. So we developed our own system.

Our previous versions have been beta tested and allowed us to refine our coding and enhance our database systems to increase performance..

Our system scrapes remote screenshots every 20 seconds and records all browser history.

Our main SaaS control panel enables us to track all users and subscriptions and company accounts.  Our user management postal allows employers (clients) to manage all their remote workers and contractors.

Formally known as "BlaqTrax" which was our original version, TracBytes is now in its 8th revision.  Remote monitoring and transmitting user data from remote PC's is complex and required a vast array of security measures to ensure privacy and security of user content is maintained.
BlaqTrax can still be viewed here for research :

Unproductivity costs businesses an estimated 178 billion dollars annually. TracBytes tackles this issue head-on. Our productivity tool can be easily installed on the devices of your workers no matter where they are in the world. You can then monitor their output from wherever you are at any time.

TracBytes isn’t about being “Big Brother”. It’s a productivity tool that gathers information about what your workers are doing and for how long, allowing you to identify key areas where your workers may require additional training.

It informs workplace best practice while increasing productivity and your bottom line.

On average, workers spend 30% – 40% of their time at work completing tasks entirely unrelated to their job. TracBytes tackles this issue head-on.

Our productivity tool has a simple interface and the reports generated are easy to understand. The information collected about the levels of unproductivity in your workplace empowers you to make informed decisions about your business.


This niche is huge.  It's our goal to become the leader in this space. While there are several competitors in the marketplace, our research tells us that our app which is far more advanced will have little resistance on the global market place..

To define our Goals for TracBytes over the next 5 years is easy.
1. We want to gain 25% of the Employee Tracking market
2. Distribute TracBytes via a multi channel network off affiliates.
3. Continue to improve TracBytes with the latest trend options while still keeping it simple to use. - Our short term goals for the first 12 months is to enter the market using our multi channel marketing funnels and streamline them to get our max ROI.
TracBytes is perfect in this time of a global pandemic.  More and more people are working at home or remotely, and this is a trend that is proving to be a long term change in the way we work.

The future is clear, more business will opt to have their workers clock in remotely and work from home. This means they all need to be monitored for efficiency and time logging. 

Employers will need to monitor all their workers to ensure the maximize their payroll budgets.

Our latest version of TracByes is a major upgrade in our Client User Workstation. This is where our users manage and view their remotely monitored workers.
Our new dashboard gives employers a greater level of visual reporting which enhances their ability to implement finer controls in their organization.

The applications for TracBytes are endless.  Small business with a few employers right up to top 500 companies with international sites and hundreds of employees can take advantage of our simple system

Our proprietary remote tracking app can be deployed to any users pc anywhere in the world. We simply deploy our remote app via any communications channel like, Email, social or by simply sending a link.

With one click our remote app can be deployed and installed.  This means our on-boarding process of new clients is easy.  

Our Management Console is clean and easy to navigate. Employers can search using smart filters each monitored user account. 
They analyze who is on or offline, time stamps of logins and user and all browser usage.  And our screens are captured in high resolution, compressed for better storage.

our automatic cloud archive system gives employers access to long history reports of screen captures.  This console can be manged and navigated on all mobile devices giving the user freedom to travel whilst still being able to monitor users.

We are expecting to relaunch v8.0 in late 2021.

Development Notes

TracBytesis part of our ongoing SaaS technologies.  Once we complete the new version upgrades it will be published live and marketed through our funnel networks.  We can also use this technology as a joint venture platform to upscale third part technologies.

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